If you’ve never seen Trash Talk live, this video should give a good idea of what to expect. Catch The Gaslamp Killer, Alexander Spit, Rotting Out, Larry Susan, Mac Miller, Left Brain, and Kat Williams get together for a wild night in Los Angeles for the finale of the G Pen Free Tour.

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Today Uncle Snoop’s Army announced Snoop Dogg’s Gladiator School will kick off the BET Hip Hop Awards 2014 weekend. Snoop Dogg and renowned New York Battle Rapper, Murda Mook, will host the epic rap battle featuring the best freestyle male and female emcees in the country to battle it out and be crowned the champion. The event will take place on September 19 at Masquerade at 695 North Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA 30308. Doors open at 5:00pm.

“Battling is an art form that I respect and grew up on. I’m looking forward to bringing my Gladiator School to Atlanta, these are gonna be epic battles to see who really is the best in the country,” said Snoop Dogg.  “This is the hottest event outside of the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta. Put up or shut up. Don’t meet me there, beat me there. U Hear Me!”

Check out the special video message from Snoop Dogg: http://youtu.be/k56NFHQpVLM

The current battle lineup for Snoop Dogg’s Gladiator School is as follows, with special surprises throughout the evening:

E Hart (NY) vs. O’fficial (New Orleans)
Ms. Murk (VA) vs. Chayna Ashley (NY)
Phara Funeral (NY) vs. Couture (Rhode Island)


TRex (NY) vs. Rum Nitty (Phoenix)
Young B (LA) vs. B Magic (St. Louis)
Hitman Holla (St. Louis) vs. Calicoe (Detroit)
John John (Atlanta ) vs. Arsonal (Ft. Lauderdale)

*Contest Winner vs. Wild Card*

In addition to the known emcees battling, Snoop is opening the competition up to fans to win a slot to battle in Atlanta. Snoop is hosting an open online audition for […]

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Genius X Vic Mensa

While enjoying his Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vaporizer, the incredible Vic Mensa talks to Genius about his Flow, Michael Uzowuru, Tattoos & More.


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WATCH X WITNESS: Gumball 3000 Look Book

Straight from Goldwatch and 13th Witness’ mouth:

I find it harder and harder to find groups of human beings that truly live without fear, and with total abandon, and complete brazen for the sake of life.

We are all dieing. But People don’t live their lives like they’re dieing.

I always remind my self to look up at night, and to be still for a moment before eating, I try and always maintain a sense of general mind fullness, because these days its so easy to forget how unbelievably fucking awesome this “life” is and slip into a digitally induced, wireless “fuck coma” of modern conveniences, these mind boxes most humans seem to be stuck in. They seem to enjoy it, 95% of them, finding safety in the warm fan from their wi-fi, rather then braving the brisk sunrise out side.

It’s important to hug your father, and question authority, and break the rules, and fight the “fuck coma.”

Running the Gumball is complete ANTI Fuck Coma. Its a week of forced awareness. A week of living life as an expression of art, an act of high mischievous meditation. With whipping around the earth in this craze parade, comes an obligation to not only live on the edge, but constantly challenge where that edge even is. Gumball is participatory, we are brothers and sisters in brazen. We define the edge, we gather once a year to both risk and question everything. And honest to good-grief its one of the […]

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AGENDA Las Vegas

In case you missed it, we were fortunate enough to be a part of last week’s Agenda trade show in Las Vegas. After a long first day, we threw another great party at the Palomino Club, together with the HUF crew – one that will never be forgotten.

A special thanks to Spanky Brodus, Willie T, Max from Gumball 3000, Boo Johnson, Soulja Boy, and Jim Jones for stopping the Grenco Science booth.

Enjoy highlights from our trip to Vegas….

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Under the Influence Tour Stops in Houston


This past Friday, Wiz Khalifa brought his Under the Influence tour featuring Jeezy, Rich Homie Quan, Ty$, Iamsu & Sage the Gemini, and Mack Wildes to the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion and put on the best show that I have seen from him to date.


G Pen Free Tour ft. Trash Talk, Left Brain

Together with Grenco Science, the infamous Trash Talk and Left Brain travel across the US, giving fans free shows at secret venues along the way. The G Pen Free tour started in Tampa, Florida and finished off in Los Angeles, California, with surprise visits from Mac Miller, Katt Williams, Suge Knight and more.

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Tuki Carter Feat. Wiz Khalifa – Good

Tattoo artist turned rapper, Tuki Carter and fellow Taylor Gang member, Wiz Khalifa, just dropped their video for “Good” and it is good.




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To celebrate our upcoming release of the #HALLOFFAMEXGPEN collaboration, friends and family of both parties united at Pan Pacific Park on Saturday for The HALL OF FAME X G PEN All Star Game and Home Run Derby. Both teams were kitted out thanks to Champion, Grenco Science in black and Hall of Fame in white.

The day started off with Canon Ruiz of HOF winning the home run derby and ended off with Grenco Science taking home the All Star title, 10 – 9.

A special thanks to all who made the day possible: Moose Limited, Oberto Beef Jerky, Avita Water and Mighty Printing.

Enjoy highlights from the fun-filled day and stand by for the #HALLOFFAMEXGPEN collaboration, coming soon.

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Vic Mensa “Feel That”

Take a trip and start feeling Vic Mensa’s new single “Feel That” with behind the scenes footage presented by G-Life.

Watch the “Feel That” music video:

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